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I made these little booklets, each around 4-1/2 inches square, for my weaving study group friends. They are made with covers of Lokta paper, Japanese sketch paper inner pages, and waxed linen thread sewing them together. I added beads on the ends of each linen thread for decoration.

This scarf was a commission for my friend Margo. She cuts my hair then for payment she barters for some of my woven pieces. It has a tencel warp and a silk weft. The pattern is a herringbone twill. She doesn’t like fringe, so I made a hemmed edge. The combination of tencel and silk is soft and drapey.



  1. Trading seems like such a good way to share skills. I’ll bet she really liked the scarf but then you probably like the haircuts. I wouldn’t mind finding a trade like that as I’ve been cutting my own hair for 20 plus years and get pretty tired of doing it sometimes.

  2. love both the books and the scarf…I barter for my massages…

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