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December, with the longest day of the year, feels like a long starry night. This month I tried for the first time a peyote ruffle plus added colonial embroidery knots. Again I have chosen to not fill the page with beads. The different blues means the ruffle really stands out.



  1. Yes the ruffle does really stand out. I was outside the other night (the dogs didn’t want to go out into the dark and cold by themselves) and saw such a starry sky-it seemed as rich and swirly here in northern Arizona as your beaded page. Good job!

  2. Neat experiment with the peyote ruffle! Seems as if you are having fun exploring many different expressions in beading.Kathy V in NM

  3. Love the ruffle and the whole piece speaks volumes, just like the night sky.Way to go!Beadily yoursSusan FeldkampNight Beader

  4. I love it !

  5. That is delightful!! I do like the 3D effect you get with it

  6. Once again, I have to say how much I LOVE the combination of bead and thread embroidery. Each enriches the other. Delightful piece!

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