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Last summer I started two series of beaded pages. I have now made 9 encrusted pages, but only 3 pages (May, June, and August) on silk fusion, paper that I made. I figure it is time to catch-up.

This is my silk fusion page for July. We live on an island on a NH lake in the summer and go by boat to see the 4th of July fireworks. This is my interpretation of one of the fireworks.

In January we often have ice on branches, as well as snow on the ground. This depicts the icy tips of branches in the early evening when the snow reflects the blue of the sky.



  1. Jann -Fire and ice! Love both pages and the way you captured the feeling for each.Dee

  2. Your silk fusion pages are marvelous — the colors are wonderful!Kathy V in NM

    • Margaret M. Sheehan
    • Posted January 28, 2008 at 12:44 am
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    I love this one!

  3. You’re very talented !

  4. absolutely stunning…..

  5. These are soooooooooo beautiful! I love silk fusion and the way the beads interact with the silk. Beaufiful designs. Can’t wait to see them ALL!

  6. Some truly wonderful work here. I like your idea for the next years BJP. Your heart pin if fabulous. Too bad I’ve already decided on a format for next year’s BJP or I would have joined in on yours but to each his own. It’s more exciting that way anyhow.Your silk fusion pages just seem to really go with the beadwork you are adding to them. It was quite enjoyable stopping by!

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