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I gave my older daughter a beaded heart pin last year which she wears on Valentine’s day in her classroom (this year first grade). A fellow teacher asked if I would create one for her–this is the pin that I made. I have made several pins in the last year and think I will continue doing this for my next year of bead journal projects.

I am way behind doing my silk fusion pages. This one is for September. I like making little beaded beads so the flower was fun to try. The leaves are brick stitch. The flower makes me think of my Mother’s favorite flower, the Aster. My father would give her a large bouquet of them every year on her birthday on September 5th.

This April page includes my first attempt at doing the basket weave effect with bugle beads. It reminds me of weaving. Perhaps because I am also a weaver I really like this stitch.

My March page has a cabochon, which was the starting point for my design. I find I really like using bugle beads and arranging beads in some sort of swirl.



  1. The encrusted pages are great, I especially like the way you made the beads look like basket weave.And your silk pages feel so delicate and I love the delicate beading on them.I can’t even imagine taking on two sets of pages. Kudos to you!

  2. The blue is so intense in this one. Wow! Like you, I love doing swirls and cabs. Nice work.Arline

  3. Had to come back to comment on the silk fusion pages as well. They are stunning.On your encrusted pages, did you also use silk or is that paper or fabric. Great color choices.

  4. Really liked the textures you got on all of your pages and the way you combined beads. Thanks for the eye candy!

  5. Beautiful group of pages…I hope you’ve put them on the bead journal flickr site?

  6. Beautiful stuff Jann. I love your blues, they give off a feeling of being under water almost

  7. All of your work is beautiful. I like the movement in each page. I like making flowers, or leaves or some other kind of bead weaving and then putting it on my pages too.

  8. All of my encrusted beaded pages are on fabrics, mostly my favorite batiks. Sometimes the fabric guides the beading.The silk fusion pages are on paper that I have made with silk fibers. I do love the look of the silk with minimal beading.

  9. Beautiful concepts and wonderful use of color. I love your silk fusion pages . . .Kathy V in NM

  10. Wow, these are beautiful! Very lovely!

  11. I have enjoyed looking at your pages. Beautiful color and movement.

    • Margaret M. Sheehan
    • Posted March 25, 2008 at 12:23 pm
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    Hi Jann, I REALLY LOVE April on the silk fusion! WOW. I love all the different patterns and espeically the basketweave in Bugle beads. Great stuff…getting a little cosmic, too! : )Keep on doing what you’re doing. It’s really good.Margaret

  12. Your March page reminds me of a large octopus at the Seattle Acquarium when it’s “legs” are all curled up and it’s eye watches the viewers. It’s really more lovely than the octopus, but I get a similar sense of respect looking at both your page and the real creature. I too am in awe that you are doing two sets of pages and actually getting them done! Bravo. Love the silk fusion and the way the fabric and beads work together. Think you’re onto something with this! Robin

  13. Wow! Your bead embroidery is beautiful! Keep up the great work! 😀

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