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I have made two accordion booklets out of my encrusted bead pages. The upper one is January through June and the lower one is July through December. I decided to put them in this order because the colors seemed to have a better flow.

The beaded pages are mounted on heavy paper handmade by Langdell Paper in E. Topsham, Vermont. I visited the business last November and fell in love with his paper.

I plan to mount my silk fusion pages on another piece of the Langdell Paper.



  1. oh, so beautiful. How did you attach the pages? I hope you display the books in a place of honor.

  2. I carefully hand stitched the backing (Lacy’s Stiff Stuff) on each page to the handmade paper. It was very fiddely work, but I like how it turned out.

  3. Jann -The accordian books look really good. I see what you mean about the color flow.D

  4. You did a wonderful job hand stitching. I appreciate what you say about it being fiddely work, I’m sure it was very time consuming as well. But they’ll be books to treasure forever.

  5. Oooooooh, Jann, what a stunning way to display your pages!!! I agree that the color flow works the way your arranged them, and would have done the same myself. Yes, stitching them on is fiddely, but the results are definitely worth it because of security and longevity of your work. Beautiful work!

  6. Beautiful finished piece(s)! Looking forward to seeing the silk fusion pieces too!

  7. What a beautiful way to display your lovely pages Jann, they look fantastic all together. What size are your actual pages?

  8. What a beautiful idea. They show up so welll. I love it. Julie C

  9. What a lovely idea. I hope you are displaying them proudly somewhere where everyone can see them! The colors are great, too the flow – mmmm.

  10. Amazing piece of work, Jann — these will surely become the most special of keepsakes.Kathy V in NM

  11. Each of my bjp pages, both the ones on cloth and the silk fusion ones, are 2-1/2 inches square. The size just seemed really workable for two pages a month.

  12. Very nice!!

  13. They look wonderful. Don’t they look so nice together?

  14. I must say you’re my favorite beader in BJP group. Love your work – color and design.I’m new to BJP and a bit nervous to start BJP 2008.

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