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I finally have my silk fusion pages mounted and hanging in my great room. I decided to mount the pages back to back in pairs and attached to an ecru satin ribbon. Each side of the hanging shows 6 pages. I have them hanging so that I see one side when going from my studio to the great room, and the other side on the return trip.



  1. Jann, excuse my ignorance, but what is silk fusion paper? And did you bead directly on it. Your pieces look wonderful hanging as they are.

  2. What a wonderful way to display your beautiful pages, Jann.By the way, thank you for the great doll and faces you sent me in the doll swap.Arline

  3. What a lovely idea, Jann!!! I bet it makes you happy to see them hanging like this!

  4. Silk fusion paper is made from two very thin layers of silk fibers laid perpendicular to each other, then a light coat of an acrylic medium is brushed on it to bind the fibers. I sometimes lay metallic threads and silk ribbon on top for added visual interest. I put a piece of Lacy’s stiff stuff onto the back of the silk fusion then bead directly onto it.Jann

  5. What a great way to enjoy your beadwork.

  6. Stunning work and display, Jann!Kathy V in NM

  7. You’ve been tagged by me.

  8. Hi Jann, love your work and have tagged you for a meme to know more about you. But I see that you have already been tagge by Dee D

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