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I want to get more dimension in my work, and this one has. I made a rather subdued ruffle, a twisted line, plus lots of little branch fringe. The inspiration for this piece was a vial of mixed blue beads of two sizes of bugles and two sizes of drop beads.



  1. See my comment on your rivoli-post; I sort of got mixed up. But what I said actually goes for the rivolis, too.Sabine

  2. I love your pin! The texture is wonderful. I’d like to learn how to put that kind of texture in my beading. The rivolis are beautiful. I hope you eventually post a photo of your Christmas tree.Marty SCrackpot Beader

  3. I love the colour!

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    • Posted November 5, 2008 at 12:38 pm
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    very pretty. I don’t know how I missed last month but I love how you showcased that “pea” bead. They’ll be a fabulous collection at the end of 12 months…

  4. Love your pin! Blue is a favorite and the texture is wonderful.

  5. Oh my these are so beautiful. You did a good job on the texture. Thats hard on a small area. Beautiful blue. Julie C

  6. Jann, your pin is beautiful. Nice dimension for a small area. What are your plans when you have all 12 finished or did I miss that somewhere? Your Oct. piece is very nice as well. I too am obsessed with Rivolis so I can relate to your love of the little sparklers.

  7. I liked your Sept pin alot, but the Oct pin is stupendous! Love the texture and dimension you gave it.Arline

  8. Very pretty… love the texture! I’m not a “blue person” but this is very striking! great job!

  9. I love all of your work, it is nice to see all of the rivolis in the different sizes and colors and colors of beads. Your idea of a pin for each month is really cool and your beading and use of the beads is just lovely on each page.

  10. This is really gorgeous!Kathy V in NM

  11. Oh, Jann!!! How fabulous! You’ve done such a good job with the texture… it looks just scrumptious, and I love the blue mix.Robin A.

  12. Love it. All of your pieces are fantastic. The fringe and dark color make me think of being in the depths of an old forest at night.

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