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To me, November is a time of beautiful brown leaves still on the oak trees. My first thought when making this was of a brown-eyed Susan flower, but the oak leaves also play into the feel of the colors. Note the interesting design on the cabochon. Any ideas what kind of stone this is? (I haven’t a clue.)



  1. Jann, I think you captured fall with this pin. I love the browns and the combination and texture is great!

  2. This is just gorgeous, Jann! The colors of oak, the rough bark, the curl of the leaves in the fall… it’s all here… very beautiful!

  3. Oh, I forgot to say… I think the cabochon is some type of jasper. R

  4. Jann,This shows how beautiful brown can be. I love the texture.Marty SCrackpot Beader

  5. Wow! love this! I was thinking the cab was some kind of fossilized wood??? this is very, very pretty…

  6. JannWhat a beautiful piece. This is an unusual stone that you complimented very well. Congratulations on completing a beautiful piece.Happy Holidays

  7. Beautiful pin – the colors are wonderful. No idea about the cabochon, but just lovely.

  8. This looks like fall and it makes me think of acorns stashed away. It’s very pretty.

  9. What a beautiful choice of colors. You enhanced the cabachon beautifully. Great work.

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