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My April bjp pin was inspired by a photo of a spring flower on my friend Dee’s sister’s blog. I don’t know the name of the flower. I loved the wonderful combination of colors. This is my first time doing the herringbone stitch. I found the directions for the fuchsia part of the flower in the April 2009 Bead & Button magazine. The center is a peyote stitch circle of beads.



  1. Great – Great – Great

  2. Beautiful…I recognized the flower immediately.Sis

  3. Gorgeous!Marty SCrackpot Beader

  4. Oh lovely! What an amazing color and so springy and happy!

  5. Wow, I am impressed that is your first time to Herringbone. Thats a difficult stitch I think. Its really lovely. Julie C

  6. I love it. This brings me such good memories. It reminds me of the large flower pins women wore in the late 1960’s. I bought a couple for my mom to brighten her dresses she had to wear at work. You did a really nice job with the colors too. It’s gorgeous.

  7. Beautiful colors… saturated and rich… nature and beads at their best!!!!! Totally lovely! Robin A.

  8. Lovely! Can I ask, which pattern that is? At first I thought it was Kerrie Slade’s Hibiscus, but not as deep… I love your colors!

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