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The June pin was inspired by the flower in Lisa Kan’s book Bead Romantique. This flower has 4 layers of beads done in herringbone stitch.



  1. This flower looks to lush.

  2. J -That is supposed to read "so" lush

  3. Georgeous color selection. 4 layers, wow, lovely piece.

  4. You do these flowers so wonderfully, Jann!Kathy V in NM

  5. Wow these are spectacular pieces. I especially love the herringbone. I wanted to mention the green quilt. Gorgeous. Julie C

  6. Wow! This is spectacular! I think the photo doesn't do it justice as it is obviously very dimensional. Yummmmmmmmy!

  7. Wonderful! This flower is spectacular and I love the color combination. I am going to run to the library to look for Bead Romantique. What a cool pattern.

  8. Just beautiful. I love the colors.Marty SCrackpot Beader

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