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A friend suggested that I show all three beaded beads in the same photo.  They range in size from one to two inches across.  To me they all depict winter. 



  1. Love seeing them all together. And, they are, very chilly looking. Beautiful work.

  2. What a great group of beads! All are beautiful. I look forward to seeing what you make for spring. And your fabulous header… Is that last year’s BJP?
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

  3. Marty–the header is from two years ago–the first year of the bead journal project.

  4. I don’t know how I missed this, Jann… It’s really wonderful to see the three pieces together, all with the same subject! You seem to be one who looks at a challenge from more than one angle… I admire you for that!

    Robin A.

  5. Ooops, Jann… I just realized for the above comment I used my other sign in name/info. Your work is so fabulous… wanted you to know the compliments are from me…

    Robin A.

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