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My June beaded bead is a sea urchin from Marcia DeCoster’s book, Beaded Opulence.  The beaded bead uses 15’s, 11’s, 8’s, and 3mm bicone crystals in right angle weave.

This shows all three beaded beads in my ‘spring collection’.



  1. They’re beautiful! I love the beaded beads.

  2. These are absolutely lovely! The shapes and colors are wonderful. Very spring!

  3. Great bead….. it looks like a sea urchin

  4. Isn’t that sweet! That’s a lot of different beads you have to use for this pretty result 🙂

  5. Wow! Great work! Love all three pieces!

  6. Very pretty! They are all beautiful!

  7. OOOOOH! Excellent! I like this new one best… uh, I think… uh, I really like them all!!! You have a very consistent tension that makes their form perfect and I love your color choices, especially the newest one!

    Robin A.

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