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We have had very windy days this month on Lake Sunapee.  I wanted this bead to depict the white caps on the water.  This bead is made up of seed bead 11’s, 11 cuts, and 3mm bicone crystals.  The right angle weave bead is from the Marcia DeCoster book, Beaded Opulence.  I wasn’t all that excited about doing right angle weave as the structure seemed so floppy.  This has a second layer of beads which make the bead very firm.  



  1. Love the crystals especially! I do a lot of RAW and it can be as flexible or as stiff as you want it to be…there are several good books now that will give you a great overview of what you can do with this versatile stitch!

  2. Jann, very clever! I can see exactly the effect you were looking for. Don’t you just love Marcia’s book? 🙂

  3. Nice summery/watery bead. With right angle weave you can easily go through the beads a couple of times to give it more stability.

  4. Nice work! I think you have done very well depicting the waves. I looked at your past posts too and especially like your April beaded bead.

  5. This turned out really well, Jann! It does capture the look of wind on the water…. Excellent job!

  6. Cool and refreshing! It makes me want to jump in the waves.
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

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