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Category Archives: beading

My May bjp pendants are twin pendants of the same design — one made with a 16 mm rivoli and the other with a 12 mm rivoli.   I made two because the first 12 mm one seemed so small, so I decided to try the design with a larger rivoli.  They are both one-sided pendants from a design by Linda Richmond.  I used amethyst rivolis with 15 seed beads and 11 delicas.  The pendants measure  3/4 inch and 1 inch across.  The larger one is a gift for a woman at the local bank who has worked for me for several months even though I do not have an account at that bank. Violet is her favorite color.

My second pendant is the Linda Richmond design called Starry Night.  This June bjp pendant is a one-sided pendant, but the outer area of beads are double which gives the pendant  extra dimension.  The 14 mm rivoli is called volcano.  I used 11 delicas, 15 seed beads, and drop beads in the design.  This pendant measures 1-1/2 inches from point to point.


I’ve finished this Linda Richmond a month ahead.  This one seems just right for Easter.  I’ve used 12mm rivolis in sapphire on one side and a red-violet on the other.  There are size 15 seed beads, 11 delicas, and 3mm bicones in this design.  The pendant measure 1-1/2 inches across.  

My husband’s mother’s 97th birthday is next week so I decided to again make the Linda Richmond pendant, but this time with a pink rivoli on one side and a red one on the other.  Again the pendant has 14mm rivolis, size 15 seed beads, and 11 delicas.  These are colors that she likes to wear. 

This is another two-sided pendant from a Linda Richmond pattern.  I’ve used an amethyst rivoli on one side and an aqua rivoli on the other.  The beads are size 15 seed beads and 11 delicas with 14mm rivolis.  The pendant measures 1-1/4 inches across.

My February rivoli is a two-sided pendant from a Linda Richmond pattern.

One side has a rose colored rivoli and the other is amethyst colored.

It measures 1-1/4″ wide and 1-3/4″ long plus the dangle.

It consists of a 12mm rivoli, delica 11s, and 15 seed beads.

The dangle is a 6mm swarovski pearl.

Linda’s pattern was very easy to follow and I love the result.

I found this really difficult to photograph.

I’ve decided to work with rivolis this year for the bead journal project.  My January one is from the book Creating Crystal Jewelry by Laura McCabe.  This is her crystal burst earrings.  I have worked this pattern before but only made one row of crystal bicones around the edge, this includes two rows.  This piece uses an 18mm rivoli, both 3mm and 4mm crystal bicones, plus delicas and size 15 seed beads and measures 1-1/4 inches in diameter.

Another morning glory with slightly different coloring.  I want to put 2 or 3 of these on the finished beaded vessel.  

This morning glory is from Diane Fitzgerald’s book, The Beaded Garden.  The brick stitch flower is about 1-3/4 in diameter and is made with delicas and a size 15 seed bead edging.

This little ruffled beauty is so small, I decided to make two.   I found the pattern for these in the Barbara L. Grainger booklet, Dimensional Flowers, Leaves & Vines.   Each is about one inch in diameter and made of delica beads.  (I’ve left the threads on the back so that I will be able to attach them to the beaded vessel sometime in the future.)

This is my fourth year with the bead journal project.  My plan is to make a flower each month which will be mounted at the end of the year onto a beaded vessel.  I will gradually bead the vessel throughout the year.

This flower, from the Beaded Garden by Diane Fitzgerald, is a brick stitched 5-petal flower following the directions for a pansy.  I’ve used delicas for the petals.  The flower measures almost two inches in diameter.