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Category Archives: bead embroidery

I finally have my silk fusion pages mounted and hanging in my great room. I decided to mount the pages back to back in pairs and attached to an ecru satin ribbon. Each side of the hanging shows 6 pages. I have them hanging so that I see one side when going from my studio to the great room, and the other side on the return trip.


I have made two accordion booklets out of my encrusted bead pages. The upper one is January through June and the lower one is July through December. I decided to put them in this order because the colors seemed to have a better flow.

The beaded pages are mounted on heavy paper handmade by Langdell Paper in E. Topsham, Vermont. I visited the business last November and fell in love with his paper.

I plan to mount my silk fusion pages on another piece of the Langdell Paper.

I have finally finished my silk fusion series. This one is for November and includes some little star flowers.

We had such a beautiful and snowy winter. My December page is a remembrance of the snow that seemed to fall from the sky almost daily.

My April page is a pansy that I made from the Beaded Garden book by Diane Fitzgerald. Pansies appeared in the local stores during the month and are one of my favorite signs of spring.

To see my May silk fusion page, you need to look back in my archives. I made the page a year ago when I first signed up to be a participant in this bead journal journey.

This is the May page in my series of encrusted bead pages–and the last. May is when our grass is finally green and the leaves will burst forth on our trees just before Mother’s Day. It is late here in NH, but all the more appreciated after a very snowy and cold winter.

I found these fantail fish at a local bead shop. I just had to make them swim on a silk fusion page. Is there such a fish as a fantail cat fish?

I am heavily influenced now by the spring blooms. I do love seeing the flowers popping out of the ground. The crocus are finally blooming with daffodils showing buds.

This butterfly is from the book The Beaded Garden by Diane Fitzgerald and is done with brick stitch. This definitely makes me think of the summer months to come.

I gave my older daughter a beaded heart pin last year which she wears on Valentine’s day in her classroom (this year first grade). A fellow teacher asked if I would create one for her–this is the pin that I made. I have made several pins in the last year and think I will continue doing this for my next year of bead journal projects.

I am way behind doing my silk fusion pages. This one is for September. I like making little beaded beads so the flower was fun to try. The leaves are brick stitch. The flower makes me think of my Mother’s favorite flower, the Aster. My father would give her a large bouquet of them every year on her birthday on September 5th.

This April page includes my first attempt at doing the basket weave effect with bugle beads. It reminds me of weaving. Perhaps because I am also a weaver I really like this stitch.

My March page has a cabochon, which was the starting point for my design. I find I really like using bugle beads and arranging beads in some sort of swirl.

Last summer I started two series of beaded pages. I have now made 9 encrusted pages, but only 3 pages (May, June, and August) on silk fusion, paper that I made. I figure it is time to catch-up.

This is my silk fusion page for July. We live on an island on a NH lake in the summer and go by boat to see the 4th of July fireworks. This is my interpretation of one of the fireworks.

In January we often have ice on branches, as well as snow on the ground. This depicts the icy tips of branches in the early evening when the snow reflects the blue of the sky.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
This page makes me think of an old fashioned Valentine with a lace border. The beading just seemed to flow onto the fabric. The center is moss stitch, a new stitch for me. It gives nice texture to the piece.

What a month it has been, and it is barely half over. We had lots of snow in December and the first part of this month. In our yard, we had about two feet on the ground plus 5 foot snow mounds at both the top and the end of the driveway. We were able to snow shoe several times in the yard and through the adjoining woods. This is such a beautiful time of the year in New Hampshire.
Last week, after single numbers, the weather turned warm with occasional rain. The snow began to disappear way too fast. On Friday we had sleet, freezing rain, and the trees were laden with ice. I loved the icicles hanging from the railings on the deck. The trees are so pretty when icy, but some of the young birches had their tips on the ground. We were lucky to have the ice melt overnight.
This month my page is reminiscent of the sparkling icicles.

December, with the longest day of the year, feels like a long starry night. This month I tried for the first time a peyote ruffle plus added colonial embroidery knots. Again I have chosen to not fill the page with beads. The different blues means the ruffle really stands out.

In the spirit of trying new techniques, this month I found a batik in my stash (I am also a quilter) that had a leaf on it. This beaded leaf is on top of the batik leaf. I almost felt guilty working over a given design, but then assuaged my guilt when I realized that I hadn’t tried this before.

Leaves are now brown on the oaks and brown and dried on the ground from the maples, etc. This is one of my favorite times of year when it is cooler outside and I can see through and into the woods. I’ve always loved the color range of browns, although I’m now wondering why I used so few in this piece.